[3.1.0] Weather module: Invalid module: Module not enabled!

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Player Type


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Since upgrade to 3.1.0, the layout designer complains, that the weather module is NOT enabled:


But it clearly is?

The “Check All” button for modules ran successfully.

The widget is available in the list:

When I try to publish the layout, I get “Unknown type: weather”:


Is there something I have to do? The display with this module in it runs flawlessly with weather module in place - but I cannot edit the layout anymore now.

If you delete the existing Widget from the Layout and then add it again, does it work?

Hmm - I first need to save the current settings from that module, because I made some Css changes. I already thought, that I have to delete and re-add it… I grab the settings and test it. I’ll write back.

I deleted the widget inside the layout and added it back - working again.

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