2nd screen Xibo player goes to first screen if 2nd monitor is disconnected

This is likely a problem that’s very specific to me, but I’m in a manufacturing plant and I’ve got Xibo running on an “auxiliary monitor” in a few places. This is a case where the operator already had a PC and monitor, so I just hung a second monitor next to that one for signage.

In order to do this I set the Xibo client offscreen by specifying an x coordinate. But if they turn off the 2nd monitor and the size of the desktop decreases, Xibo moves onto the first screen and the operators don’t know how to get rid of it (and it hides all of their apps).

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? If not then is there a way to run Xibo in the background so that other apps can run on top of it?

This should be a Windows issues that Xibo really can’y do anything about. You may want to read this forum and post. Depending on which company’s graphics chip was used, there are different answers. I didn’t read them all to see if a common registry setting may prevent the issue. But an answer should be in there.

Thanks for the tip. I can definitely try some of these… not easy fixes. It’s too bad the Xibo client can’t detect that the location has changed and put itself back in the right spot… getting the window coordinates of an app seems to be pretty straightforward: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9668872/how-to-get-windows-position. Maybe I’ll look into it and suggest a change in Github whenever I get a chance…