2-factor authentication

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Hello everyone, I would like to be able to transfer a display to another CMS. To do so, I’m asked for 2-factor authentication but I can’t display the qr code to use for the Google Authenticator application (screen below).
I’ve tried 4 different browsers, I’ve tried downloading the image, as well as inspecting the element but nothing works.

Does anyone have a solution for me?

Thanks in advance

Hi welcome to the community!

Do you self host with/without Docker?

The QR code comes from an external service which the CMS will need to be able to access in order to generate the code. With Docker it is in a separate container that is included with the installation so do ensure that you have run the quickchart container.

If you have not used Docker then do check to make sure that the CMS is not behind a firewall/filter which is blocking access to the quickchart public website.