2.2.0 - Released - Xibo Signage

We are pleased to announce our first release for the 2.2 version of Xibo. The codename for this version is “Olbers”.

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Just upgraded to CMS v 2.2 and found that all Windows 2 R201-201 clients will no longer connect to the CMS. The following error is recorded.
syntax error, unexpected ‘?’

update: Same result with linux R4 players…

update2: turned on test mode and found the following error in the apache logs
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’ in /var/www/xibo2/lib/Xmds/Soap.php on line 985
update3: replaced the file with a version from 2.1.2 and clients are working again.

Thanks for your message.

It’s because the version of PHP you’re using is too old for the syntax that the file now uses. You can’t replace the file with the one from 2.1.2 and expect it to work properly - it will cause other issues.

You need to put the file back as it was and upgrade to PHP 7.2 ideally. The minimum requirement for version 2.2 onwards is PHP 7.0

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After update from 2.1.2 to 2.2.0 scheduler is not working anymore. You can delete calendar entries, but not create new ones. After saving, a schedule it is not recognized in the GUI. No entries in the protocol, that a schedule was added. The only way to create schedules is to add them in the context menu of the player. Only this scheduler form creates a calender object.
Further more there are no form fields in the reminder dialog and not only the interrupt layout has the share of voice field.

UPDATE: problem solved.
After removing docker-compose with “docker-compose down” and then doing a compose up, version 2.2.0 is running.

Just upgraded to v 2.2.0 my linux players 1.8R4 no longer connecting player option reports 500 internal service error.

Tur out I had both php5.6 and php7.3 installed. Iremoved them both with purge and reinstalled php7.3 with all necessary modules and it works now.

upgraded php and it works now - much appreciated