2.0.0-alpha Development Preview Released


We are proud to announce the release of our first development preview for the 2.0 version of Xibo. The codename for this version is “Swift”.

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Really excited about the new Playlist functionality! Might have to fire up another xibo server to check this out :slight_smile:


This is the best news! Sub-Playlists will massively simplify our workflow, especially getting pre-built Widgets with Datasets into a new Layout fast and consistently!


took me a while to find the correct installer, here it is for Linux: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-cms/releases/download/2.0.0-alpha1/xibo-docker.tar.gz - link is broken from the original article.


Thanks for letting us know. I’ve corrected that now.


Great news – something that you should consider with this release is an updated copy of your upgrade instructions. Docker is a great way to handle your Xibo CMS, but I’ve never actually been successful in upgrading the image, most likely because I miss a step or have some odd config. So - like other docker publishers out there, why not have a few “cut/paste” scripts that will work for 99% of docker installs (say, one for an existing docker installation on Ubuntu, one for new docker installs … etc). The script could copy the existing configuration, take a backup, dump those files into a temp folder and make the changes required. Besides, you guys are the pros!

With the risk of including a link to another vendor, look how Ubiquity Networks has their docker-ized version of their management console provided - a CURL script that does everything – and it works!

Either way, good on you guys for all your hard work. We just purchased our first (of many) tvOS licences and we are happy to contribute to your hard-working, dedicated company.


In most cases, you can simply edit the version number in the docker-compose file accordingly and up the containers.

We suggest downloading fresh docker-compose files so that any other changes (and there are some in 1.8.12) that are necessary are pulled in correctly at that time.

It’s literally a case of getting the new files, overwriting the old ones, and then upping the containers.

We can’t use a curl / bash script as it doesn’t work cross-platform.


Good changes, but I’m not excited at all. When will we have HTML5 support?


You can already render HTML5 inside Xibo - via webpage or embedded HTML? There is an updated Player for Windows in the works that will have better rendering abilities for that, but Android and webOS already use WebKit/Chromium based renderers.

If you mean a pure HTML Player, then it’s not something we have on our roadmap. We’ve blogged about that decision and the reasons for it here:


As far as I know, I can’t use HTML5 on current version. I can’t use animations, transitions, transparency etc.


On Windows you can use anything IE11 supports.

On Android and webOS you’ve got most of what Chromium supports. The core modules inside Xibo make use of animations, transitions and transparency! The ticker transitions alone use all of those elements.


How can I update new graphical elements in Xibo 2.0.0? We have a custom theme for white label 1.8.11 version. It works with the new 2.0.0 beta but there are some new graphics that display the Xibo logo (such as when clicking the preview window in the layout editor). I would like to change these into our own logos.

Also, can you make the answer beginner-friendly? I am not the person in our company who made the original custom theme. I’m still learning how to manage Xibo.


I can not understand (reading the overview of 2.0.0 Xibo) some info I am interested in.

Does 2.0.0. version have a new Windows Player?
Does “Playlist feature” on Windows allow to show different videos without black flash between end and start of videos?
Off topic maybe: If not - any ideas how to do it without combining videos in VideoEditor and turning on “Loop”?

Thank you.


Does 2.0.0. version have a new Windows Player?

Not yet it doesn’t. Per the blog post, you need to use the 1.8 Player for now.

Does “Playlist feature” on Windows allow to show different videos without black flash between end and start of videos?

We change between videos as quickly as the hardware you are using allows us. We don’t inject any artificial gap. Playlists aren’t related to playout at all, only to how you author content.


Old player black gap doesn’t depend on hardware.
Core2Duo Vs last Intel core i7 (6 core) shows the same lag. I have proved it on many PCs

A Year ago I tried to measure delays in your source code of .NET player.
For every video change - Dispatching objects, memory releasing, creating new objects took around 200 of milliseconds.

There is a new Windows Player which is currently available with 4 test layouts.
Will it support quick transition from one video to another?


So you know then that the faster the hardware, the smaller that black gap will be. If you run it on slower hardware, all those operations will take longer, and so the gap will be larger.

There is work ongoing on a new Player for Windows, but I don’t have any information for you beyond what has been published to the blog at the moment.