12 Hour time display

Xibo CMS 2.3.9. Using the Android player that shipped with a DSDevices DSCS9. We have a layout that dislpays the 12 hour time format with AM/PM correctly in the preview; but, not on the display.

I’ve attached images of the Display layout and template code. As well as the result showing on the actual display. Thanks for any help!

This the layout and template code

This is the actual display

Hi Tony,

I would recommend updating the player to the latest v2 R217 available from here: Xibo for Android | v2 R217 Available

Please let me know how it goes.

Hi Frazer,
I have walked through a few updates trying to get something to change. I’m now on CMS 3.0.4 and player 3 Revision 302.

I also thought it might be an issue with that particular layout. I have since copied older layouts that worked and edited or created new ones and all show the error now when published.

This is the code I’m testing:
[Clock|h:mm A MM/DD/YYYY]

It displays correctly in the preview; but, on both the Android player 3 and on the Windows player, the “PM” shows up as either “NM” or “VM”.

I still have a layout that works. It splits the clock and calendar on two rows:

[Clock|h:mm A]


Bump. Still looking for help with this one.


Hi Tony,

My apologies for the delay in my reply. Please can you confirm the default language that has been set on your CMS ‘Settings’ page, in the ‘Regional’ tab?

If the default language is set to English, please can you open the layout in the Designer, then click on the widget containing the Clock, then in the Edit pane click on the Save button. Please then Publish the layout and once the player has collected from the CMS, please check whether this resolves the problem.

Many thanks,


Hi Frazer,

Looks like that was it. Our CMS language was set to “ar” and not english. After updating and then saving the layout, it displays properly.

Solved! Thank you.

Hi Tony,

I am glad to hear that this resolved the problem for you.

Best wishes,


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