1 minute Stream delay

I’m trying to play a RTSP camera feed on a an Android player and it is consistently delayed just over 1 minute. I’m overlaying the camera time on the feed so that I can measure the delay precisely.

The camera is a AXIS P5534-E Network Camera delivering a 720p H.264 stream @ ~3.3Mbps
The player is a Rikomagic MK902II running Android 5.1.1 and Xibo 1.8

Does anyone know how I can improve playback? There doesn’t seem to be many options for adjusting live video playback in the CMS but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong place.

Indeed there are not many options on the CMS side, you basically only provide the RTSP url and the duration in the localVideo module (and mute, scale type).

What duration did you set on it? I assume it’s probably something long?
If you restart the player does it take some time to load it and it’s delayed from the start?

Is the playback smooth or does the player has some issues with it which increases the delay?

I’ve set the duration to 3600 seconds but ultimately I would like to set it to ‘unlimited’, I just haven’t figured out how.

The stream takes about a minute to load during which the screen is black, and then it starts playing the stream with a 1 minute delay so it seems almost like the player wants to build up a 1 minute buffer before playing. Could this be it?

Even if the stream stutter at times, this does not further add to the delay.