1.8-rc1 Install without web in address

Ive been trying to get the 1.8 installed and running. The upgrade did not work very well so Im attempting a new install.
I imported my old layouts, but now get a database table error, so Im starting all over again.

Question is, im setting up xibo on its own domain, and was wondering how can I install it without the web folder? example: http://server instead of http://server/web

You absolutely must install it without the web folder, as indicated by the installation documentation: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_environment.html#placing_cms_files

Only the web folder should be “webservable”, which means your web server needs to be configured to serve files from /install_dir/web instead of /install_dir.

Thank you Dan for your reply, but this is completely confusing to me.

I am running a Xibo on Dreamhost - similar to GoDaddy and any other hosting company. To install Xibo 1.7, all I had to do is upload the entire directory of files into my xibo.domain.com folder and ran the install from www.xibo.domain.com.

For version 1.8, I did the same thing, but am having errors.
From what I can see on your response and the link you provided, is that I need to upload the contents of web folder into www.xibo.domain.com and upload the other files in the directory to the root of the server, which I can.
But in steph #2 says to use a Symlink. How or what files do I have to change to tell where those files are in a specific folder?

Sorry, I am a bit confused. THank you for any help you can provide.

I do not believe dreamhost/godaddy will be suitable for Xibo 1.8 as they are unlikely to have the dependencies required to run Xibo effectively. (for example url_rewriting, push messaging, ZeroMQ, etc).

I have very little direct experience with those “shared hosting” providers, so they may well have capabilities that I am not aware of.

Xibo 1.8 follows a more robust and secure structure when compared to 1.7, with all back end functionality (libraries, php classes, etc) hidden away in a location that cannot be accessed in your URL bar. Only items inside /web are intended for access from the URL bar of a browser - in other words public content is in the /web/ folder.

1.8 also uses url rewriting for friendly URL’s.

In short:
In our experience you need to have console access to the web server in order to configure the items necessary for Xibo to work, which you don’t get with shared hosting.

This is one of the reasons we have provided a Docker installation of Xibo. It greatly simplifies this process - see here: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_docker.html