1.8 Layouts not updating after media change

I am not sure if this is a bug or a user error. When I update my media through the API or through the “Replace” option in the CMS, the new media is not updated on the player layouts. I make sure the “update media in assigned layouts” is checked.

The only way I can get it to push to the player is by going into the layout and changing something, or even just clicking “save order” in the region timeline. Once I do this to one changed layout, then all of the changed layouts will push to the display. I have tried running maintenance, which does rebuild the layout, but it does not translate into the display requesting the new layout.

Appreciate your help on this one.

Maintenance should be the key here - when you change a layout through the API the layout status should be marked as “Building” - maintenance picks up Layouts to build and once built they are triggered for refresh on the display.

Can you confirm that when you use “Replace” through the web portal, the layout status does not change to building? If so, then that is a :bug: