1.8 Display Showing as Duplicate


I registered a display, authorised and assigned layout etc. No problems. However, now a duplicate is now showing in the display screen. The duplicate has not been authorised but is showing as logged in

Any suggestions as to what has caused this? Thanks

It looks like a completely separate record (rather than a UI glitch) because the displayId is different. This can only be caused by the Hardware Key the player sends to the CMS changing - perhaps the config file on the player became corrupted.

Notice the mac address is also different - perhaps this is a cloned PC and they both have the same name?

This is the third time it has happened now, with three separate PCs. Should the player be uninstalled?

Uninstalling the player wouldn’t make any difference in this case.

When the player “registers” with your CMS it creates a unique key, called the hardware key which is sent to the CMS and used to identify the player from then on-wards. New keys cause new Display records to be created in the CMS.

After generating the key it is stored in %APPDATA% on the Player PC in a file called XiboClient.config.xml, so that when the player is restarted or the PC rebooted, the same key is used for the next requests. Even if this file is lost, the key is generated from some hardware keys on the Player PC, so it should always be generated the same. The key can be overridden in the Player Options form - i.e. a player can be forced to use a different key.

If the config file was being lost for some reason (deleted, corrupted, etc) then the Player would also lose the setting for the CMS Address as that is stored in the same file. Therefore I do not think this file is being lost.

The best theory we have is that something on that PC is causing the key to change - the mac address is also changing. Do you have any ideas as to what might be doing that?

The PCs are used solely for Xibo, once we’ve installed the software they are connected and left to run so nothing else is changed on them. They are brand new PCs, too so all that is being changed is putting the Client on

Are they being imaged/cloned? It may be the case that they are from the same batch/build and are conflicting with each other.

I think as a first pass it would be good to open the Player Options on each one, change the hardware key to something else unique to that player and save. Unfortunately you’d get a new display record - but at that point you could delete the old ones and know 100% that each player has its own key.