1.8 BETA - "Logged In" Indicator on dashboard display activity not working

The “logged in” indicator in the display activity section of the dashboard does not seem to update. If I click on the displays page it is working there.

Also, does the CMS have a heartbeat functionality? Something where I can see all logins over a specified date range per display. Something like this would be very useful without having to enable full logging on every display.

You’re correct it is indeed a bug, it was logged and will be fixed in the next release.

Regarding heartbeat, to some extent yes (Audit trail page in CMS), but I’ll let @dan explain it in more details.

We don’t have something like that - what are you trying to track down?

We do keep a record of each “display down” event, which happens when the CMS detects a display has not connected within the allotted time (based on the collection interval). These are recorded in the displayevents table and used to show the availability graph on the stats page.

I was just after something where I could see if a particular display was “down” for 3 hours last Wednesday for example.

OK sure - that sounds like a reasonable feature. The data is there, we’d just need to implement a report for it.

I’ll add a feature request.

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