1.8 Beta - Install Error Line 63 when using subdomain

I was trying a new install on a new server. If we use the IP of the sever we can get the install page and the check list. If we use the domain which is a sub-domain we get
Fatal error: Call to undefined function __() in /volume1/web/xibo18alpha/web/install/index.php on line 63

Any idea?

That is a :bug: in the notFound handler and was fixed here, although that is not the root cause of your issue.

The root cause is that the application cannot find the route requested - which may well be something to do with the rewrite rules (perhaps they are only being enabled when accessing via IP)


Thank you for the reply.

It was indeed the .htaccess rewrite was not correct. I think it has been fixed correctly, however now I get this address on clicking next from step 1 http://xibo.walidigital.com/install/2? with a 404 error.

Sorry for the delay - that error would indicate that the rewrite rules still aren’t quite correct.

If you put index.php back in the URL, it may work? i.e. install/index.php/2

Yes, some really strange things seem to happen when trying to use a Synology box with DSM 6. Certs are a bit funny too. Will see if ZMQ can be installed or not.