1.8 Beta - Default Mute

We have videos set to default to mute in the modules section. Can that be overridden on a per video basis? I see on the playlist, video widgets are not set as muted. Should they be showing as muted? I would think so if you wanted to override that, removing the check mark should do so?

The “Default Mute?” setting in Video module will set the default mute value for new Video widgets.
“new” video widgets because it will not affect existing widgets.

ie if it’s checked and you add new video to your layout it should be muted by default. (“Mute” enabled)
if it’s unchecked and you add new video to your layout it should not be muted by default. ( “Mute” disabled)

You can of course override the default setting on a per video widget basis. (check/unckeck “Mute?” on edit video form)

I’ve just tried it and it seems to work perfectly fine on our beta 1.8 CMS.

Well… it is not working for me :confused:

I enabled the feature in the modules section. Uploaded video, added to the layout via the API and it is not muted.

It does work if I upload and add the video to a layout via the Xibo CMS.

Can you post your API request so we can see the exact route used? I’ve had a run through with it here and it does also seem to work for me :confused:

The API request in our code is pretty dynamic so I would need to really piece that back together to give you that correctly.

I did try the API using Postman and that did work correctly. So obviously something our code is doing is causing the issue. Thank you Dan!

ok… I think I remember something about this a while back. I may have even asked the same question, and come to the same conclusion. I think the problem is that after assigning the media to a playlist, we then need to edit each widget to assign the desired playback time. I think it is then that we lose the mute option. I looked at the documentation and I don’t see how one can set the mute option on a widget.

Update: Tinkered a bit and found mute=1 to work.

…I think I may have requested the ability to assign the media to a playlist and also set the widgets parameters at the same time… I know it is on this site somewhere. I examined the return from the API in Postman, and it looks like this is now possible. :grinning: Is this correct?

Dan , If you wouldn’t mind, can you give me a brief example of the API call setting the duration of the widgets being created while adding media to a playlist?

There isn’t any way to set this option when you are first assigning Media to a Playlist, you will get the default from module settings automatically.

Almost certainly - it you aren’t providing it.

This will work on the update

Yeah, now that you mention it I do recall discussing this with you and implementing the change. You can optionally pass a duration to the original assign event.

I’ve copied up the latest swagger.json file to the documentation: Swagger UI

Its as simple as providing a duration parameter :smile:

Awesome! Thank you. (20 Chars.)

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