1.8-alpha2 install problem /xibo/web/install/2 not found

Hi there,
I want to try 1.8alpha2 and set up a Ubuntu 14.04 - Server within VirtualBox.
I installed all the addons for php5, zeromq and everything looks fine.
My directoy is


When I start firefox on the same machine and open


everything is hooked, but when I want to process the next step by pressing the Next - Button, an error occures, saying:

/xibo/web/install/2 was not found

I have no idea, what to do. Is it the .htaccess - file, that has the wrong path, or do I have to start another script, call another page, …?
Also, I have found no settings.php in the direcories.

Please help me, I’d like helping to develope the system.

Thank you very much!

Xibo uses URL rewriting, which means you can’t just drop it straight in a folder like you have done (not without adjusting the URL rewriting anyway).

Seeing as you have a VM for Xibo, I would personally recommend editing your apache config and pointing your DocumentRoot at /var/www/html/xibo.

If that is not possible, you will need to edit the RewriteBase in .htaccess to take into account your path name

Hi there,
thanks for the fast answer, dan.
Ifound the following solution:
In /etc/apache2/ edit apache2.conf

<Directory /var/www/>
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
    AllowOverride none
    Require all granted


<Directory /var/www/>
   Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
   AllowOverride All
   Require all granted

Afterwards stop apache2 with

sudo service apache2 stop


sudo a2enmod rewrite

and finally start apache2 again

sudo service apache2 restart

Worked for me on Ubuntu 14.04.3 server, but should work with every Ubuntu 14.04.

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Fab - you’ve enabled the .htaccess file… it would be better to do your document root so you could access without the web bit on the URL - but thats up to you :slight_smile:

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I am not familiar with github. I am missing a instruction how to install xibo-1.8 directly from github. That is the reason, why I did it the same way as with 1.7.6 for the use in our high-school (just unpacking and ready for use). Once i found a instruction but didn’t pay attention and closed he firefox-tab and never found the page again :-(.

You don’t have to install from github directly - you can download the pre-packaged files from here: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-cms/releases

The instructions for installing from the repository are here, but they are only intended for developers.

I’m using apache instead of nginx. How can I solve the same problem?

The above topic does relate to Apache.

I’d suggest reading the installation instructions in the release notes as they have been updated significantly since this topic - if you still have problems please open a new support request.

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