1.8.0-rc1 Released

Originally published at: http://xibo.org.uk/2016/11/02/1-8-0-rc1-released/

We are proud to announce the release of our first release candidate for the 1.8 series of Xibo. The codename for this series is “Tempel”.

This release builds on the enhancements in 1.8.0-beta by fixing 80 issues/features. We are nearing our first stable 1.8 release and would appreciate anyone willing to try out 1.8.0-rc1.


  • New Weather Templates
  • New Twitter Templates
  • Metro Twitter Module
  • Google Traffic Module
  • Weather/Twitter widgets scale as if they were images for more consistent behaviour when placed into differently sized Regions.
  • Scheduling: Dayparting
  • Scheduling: Week/Day Recurring Events (recur only on specific days of the week)
  • Scheduling: Leave "repeat until" empty to "repeat forever"
  • Performance improvements
  • Better filtering on the Display Group page for Nested Display Groups
  • New API routes for updating DataSets via JSON objects
  • Shell Commands can kill the command that they started
  • 80 bug fixes and stability improvements
Signage Players

This release contains new features relating to the communication between the CMS and the Players. To use this release you must use Xibo for Windows 1.8.0-rc1 or later or Xibo for Android R58 or later. The release notes are available in the manual and the download is available on GitHub.

Please Note: This is a release candidate and should not be used in production.

Xibo in the Cloud

We're very pleased to expand our 1.8 offering from London to our other 2 locations - North America and Singapore. This means 1.8.0-rc1 is available on Xibo in the Cloud in all of our locations!
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Hello dan, we have good news here !
By the way, what does Metro Twitter mean ? Is it the Metro traffic for cities or is it a design called “Metro” ?
Thank you very much.

It’s a Metro-tile-style widget for showing many tweets at once:

Wow, it is really nice ! I hope version 1.8 will be stable soon !

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Hello Dan and Alex

The 1.8 RC1 works with android client R62?

It will connect for now I believe, but it doesn’t have support for all the features in 1.8.0-rc1 CMS.

You can request a beta Player directly from Spring Signage.

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FYI: The Metro Twitter thing seems to crash the latest Android player software (not the OS). I can replicate it 100% if more than 3 Twits are loaded (tried it on x86, emulator and ARMv6 platforms)

I’m not sure if that blog topic is the right place to discuss it, it could be good to create separate topic for those issues.

In any case, the twitter metro (with more than 3 tweets) works fine on our recommended devices (z64 and dsdevices)
If you have any crashlogs etc, please create new topic about it and we will have a look.