1:1 Comparison Linux vs. Windows-Player -> same hardware -> very different performance

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on 2 identical Computers (same hardware, i5, 8GB RAM, SSD, INTEL 530 HD graphics) one with ubuntu (20.04.2 LTS) and the latest xibo player, the other with windows 10 and the latest xibo player, ONLY the windows-pc can provide smooth performance and plays everthing as it should. the Linux PC (which would be my preferred system for the signage solution) ist stuttering and stucking with exactly the same content.

Any ideas or hints on this ?

kind regards

Hi Ludwig,

I have noticed the same performance issue. Are you sure that you have installed the correct .deb for intel HD on Ubuntu?

After installation the playback was a bit smoother but still not the same as Windows/Android(TV)
We have stopped using linux and now we are focusing on Android (TV) and Windows players.

Dear Vishal,

the latest Intel GFX Driver is integrated in the kernel itself. there is no suitable downloadble file …
all files i was able to find were for Ubuntu 16/18 max …

i also updated BIOS Firmware to latest available now -> no change in behaviour !


in my case i did the following code and it was a bit smoother…
apt install i965-va-driver

I find video performance very choppy on the linux player as well. The exact same videos were not choppy in previous versions of the client.

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