zIndex not working (for me)

Hello, everybody,

after searching in the forum for “zIndex”, I found some things that are already a few years old and I’m not sure if the zIndex as I understand it is supported at all because of the content. So please excuse me if my application completely misses the point :wink:
The problem is, I have a picture with zIndex 1 in a “region” and a text with zIndex 10 in a second one. My understanding is that the text should overlay the image. It does that in the preview, but not in the player. The following picture illustrates the Sitation (left: player, right: preview):

The player is a Windows-Exe version

Many thanks in advance for any answer, Albert.

i dont think the windows version supports zindex. android does…

As mentioned above, Windows does not support overlapping Regions. Please take a look at our documentation with regards to Rules for Layering Regions for further information.

If your Layout is just a combination of that one image and overlaying text then you could set your picture as a background image and then add your text to a Region.

Thank you very much, Natasha and Josh :slight_smile: