Zabbix login page issue in Webpage module

Hey everyone,

UPDATE: Apparently not certificate issue anymore.
Now the problem is that I can’t publish local Zabbix dashboard via Xibo modules. Try it yourself in Webpage module on ur Xibo, a demo on the internet:

Login credentials are as follows:

Username: customer

Password: RacomDemo1234

{OLD issue}
I’ve installed Xibo CMS Docker on a Ubuntu 20.04 LTS OS.

I have uploaded the ca.crt in
/opt/xibo/shared/cms/ca-certs, and in
I tried this after this:
docker-compse up -d
docker compose stop
docker compose start
reboot (ubuntu)
Deleted cache Web page module.
I still get this error (see screenshoot), I add this domain ( in the webpage module

Please who can help with it?

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