Your Xibo Project



i want to open a Thread where everyone can intoduce his Xibo Project if disired.

I hope thereby of a lot of inspirations for my own Xibo Project.

Sunny Greetings from Germany




My name ist Torsten and i work for the State Transport Authority (LBM) in Rheinland-Pfalz/Germany.

i start with Xibo in Dec 2016. It was only a test to see what’s possible and how many diffrent informations we can display.

I have only one display in our entrancehall to show our customers/employees informations about weather/traffic information and a newsticker.

In the past days we display some videos of our “Virtualisisation of an beltway” and its planned to show some videos, that was make with a drone, from our construction side where a 2 new highway bridges are build.

I create some layouts to use Dataset’s to display our meetings/trainigs schedules.

Also we have informations to display Warnings on our Screen when heavy weather come in.

We use a Intel Compute Stick on our Display and the Server is a VM- Maschine with Windows 10 und Xampp.

Sorry for my not soo good englisch but i hope i can inspire somebody.

Greetings from Germany


PS. I hope of a lot of replys to see what other Guys do with Xibo !
PPS. If you have questions, don’t be hasitate to write me a PM