XTR - Tasks Xibo 1.8 on Windows

Hello, I would like more information about XTR in Windows.
Can I run XTR only by php Path / BIN / run.php
I do not know how to set up for that tasks and executed at certain times, as not windows the CRON field did not have any effet …

You create a scheduled task which runs bin/xtr.php, on a fast schedule - for example every 1 minute. This is explained in the manual here: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/install_xtr.html#windows_scheduled_task

Dan, thanks for the link.

I just checked with a question:

When put to run every 1 minute the routine, how can I control the time / recurrence to run the Tasks. Would they all run every 1 minute?

Example: Filing statistics may be daily and after business hours, this type of setting would be in the “The schedule for this task in CRON syntax” field. I think this feature is not ready to run on Windows. Any guidance?