XMR with Win10Player (1.8.2)

Hello all.

I enrolled 2 players (1 android and 1 win10) in an 1.8.2 CMS.

I’ve tested the XMR on both equipments by requesting screenshots with same parameters and only the Android send it correctly.

The Win10 player seems to be OK with the XMR registered.

Is there something to do on the win10 player to make it work ?

There should not be anything else required for Windows player.

Assuming XMR works fine in general and it seems it does since android player as you say sends the screenshot just fine.

You could try ‘Reconfigure XMR’ on Displays page -> Edit Display -> Advanced tab, then either restart your windows player or wait for the collection interval.

If that does not work, could you show us a screenshot of status window on that player please?

Got this line on the player :

XMR Status : Connected to tcp://xx.xx.xx.xx:9505 last activity 17/11/2017 12:15:44
XmrSubscriber 17/11/2017 12:13:59 Error XmsSubscriber - process message Unopneable Message : unknown block type

I tried through open IP or VPN, still same messages.

Any idea ?

You need to run the Reconfigure XMR routine Peter suggests.

The message suggests that the message was encrypted with the wrong key, and so the Player could not read it. Reconfiguring XMR will ensure the Player sends a new key to the CMS.

Once you reconfigure, you’ll need to wait one collection interval for the new key to be sent.

If it still isn’t working, then I’d suggest the date and time are wrong on the Windows PC. The time must be absolutely accurate. A few minutes drift is not acceptable.

Thank you all it is working now.
I made this routine a few time with no success. Then I re applied the public adress in the CMS Settings and players settings in the same time, Reconfigure XMR, and it is working. Screenshots and commands !

Waiting now the linux player client for the next version !

Good luck !