XMR Update from CMS to Clients not initialized

Hello maybe somebody is able to help me!
According to the documentation (Xibo Docker installation), I did the settings for XMR on the Xibo CMS System.

If I do some changes in a layout or campaing, the changes are not transported immediately to the clients. I have a camaign which is schedulded. After a long time the client recognizes the changes. When Iam tracing the network traffic with the network firewall, I can see there is no XMR push from the CMS to the client.

When I understand the system right, the changes should be pushed immediately to the clients? What could be the problem?

Hola, los cambios se tiene que hacer en el momento, prueba los puertos, ya que posiblemente tengas problemas con la redirección de los puertos.

Hi, thanks for the reply! Ok, the changes should be done immediately!

And the XMR call should go from CMS => Screen?

As I can see, the CMS system (Ubuntu Docker) is listening on port 9505? In the network I cannot see that the CMS is fireing an CMS call to the clients, after a change?

The network protocol shows me, that sometimes a client paket is coming to the CMS on port 9505, but this would be the wrong direction?

Comprueba por ejemplo alguna web de comprobación de puertos como puede ser: Test completo de puertos : Comprueba el estado de todos ellos

Yo muchas veces lo compruebo desde hay…

Puede ser, tambien que se te desconecte la pantalla de la Red, y asta que no se vuelva a conectar no se actualizara…

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