Xmr.phar exits at line 1

Hi all,

I’ve scoured the support and dev forms and can not find anyone that’s had this issue…

I have installed CMS 1.8.1 on apache 3.2.2 with PHP 5.6

I have a tick at ZeroMQ and no PHP errors in logs regarding it.

When however I try to run php.phar from CMD I get the following with debug on:

My config.json file looks like the following:

“listenOn”: “tcp://localhost:5555”,
“pubOn”: [“tcp://”],
“debug”: true

I cant get XMR to start at all no matter what I try. Can anyone shed any light as to what is going on?

Many thanks in advance!,

Please don’t create duplicate threads. I have answered on your original.

Thanks Alex,

Apologies. I’ve replied on original thread. Consider this one closed.