XMR error on Xibo 2.0.3


I’m running Xibo 2.0.3 without Docker. I’m using Android player version 2 connected via Ethernet.

I have some problems with XMR. I sometimes receive errors :

XFA:DisplayManager mXmrConnection: ServiceConnection has disconnected

HeartBeatEvent: XMR unresponsive, issue reconfigure.

I have set up a daemon to launch xmr.phar when the server starts.

For the configuration files :



“listenOn”: “tcp://”,

“pubOn”: [“tcp://ip_address_server:9505”],

“debug”: false


In CMS settings :

Private XMR address : tcp://

Public XMR address : tcp://ip_address_server:9505

I have tried to restart the daemon but it’s changed nothing. I think the problem comes from the client.

Did I missed any important steps ?

Thank you very much !

Hi there,

I’m running on 2.0.3 on Xibo’s hosting and all my android players (2.0.1) have been throwing the same errors since a 3 apr 2019 10am gmt+8. And a few of them became deauthorised although I have sufficient licensing… What is going on?

I’ve discovered the root of my problem.

I’ve accidentally uploaded a PNG image of 9000x16000pixels when my screen resolution is 1080x1920pixels. The PNG is about 700kb in size only but for some weird reason, it must have drawn too much processing power or something that interrupted with the XMR service.

I’ve replaced it with the 1080x1920 version which is 164kb and now it is okay.