XMR Error after migrating to another server


I migrated the system to Microsoft Azure Server. When I turned on the xmr it return these errors.

[2018-04-11 03:46:49] xmr.INFO: Starting up - listening for CMS on tcp:// [] []
[2018-04-11 03:46:49] xmr.INFO: Bind to tcp:// for Publish. [] []
[2018-04-11 03:46:49] xmr.ERROR: Failed to bind the ZMQ: Cannot assign requested address [] []
[2018-04-11 03:46:49] xmr.ERROR: #0 [internal function]: ZMQSocket->bind(‘tcp://52.234.23…’) #1 phar:///home/jmadmin/xibo-cms/vendor/bin/xmr.phar/vendor/react/zmq/src/React/ZMQ/SocketWrapper.php(114): call_user_func_array(Array, Array) #2 phar:///home/jmadmin/xibo-cms/vendor/bin/xmr.phar/index.php(75): React\ZMQ\SocketWrapper->__call(‘bind’, Array) #3 phar:///home/jmadmin/xibo-cms/vendor/bin/xmr.phar/index.php(75): React\ZMQ\SocketWrapper->bind(‘tcp://52.234.23…’) #4 /home/jmadmin/xibo-cms/vendor/bin/xmr.phar(10): require(‘phar:///home/jm…’) #5 {main} [] []

can you help me figure out what these errors mean?

It’s telling you that it can’t bind to the IP address you’ve configured.

In general, you can use


for the public address instead of specifying a fixed IP. That will cause it to bind to all interfaces.