XMR configuration problem

Hi, I have a problem configuring xmr.
Xibo version 3.1.1 on a web server (LAMP on google engine) without docker
Player Version is 3 R307.0

Everything is installed correctly (even ZeroMQ) and the configuration file has been created inside xibo-xmr/bin with these parameters:
Private address = tcp://
Public address = tcp://

If I enter the actual external IP address of my server or the connected domain name it does not start returning the error:
xmr.ERROR: Failed to bind the ZMQ: No such device

XMR starts only if I enter tcp:// (or tcp://*:9505) as the public address and in debug mode I can see (by calling any API) the message that is sent.

In the CMS settings, however, the parameters are these and all displays are registered to xmr:
Private address = tcp://
Public address = tcp://mydomain.com:9505

However, the client does not receive hearthbeats or any messages, the xmr status always remains inactive.

Can you help me solve it?
Thank you.

Somehow I managed to solve it and now xmr works, the client is correctly connected and any action made by CMS (layout/campaign changeā€¦) is almost instantaneous.

However, if I make a change via the API, specifically changing the priority of an event, the CMS updates showing the changed value but the player does not update.

P.S: Is it better if I open another post for this problem?

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