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Windows 3 R301.1-301


Hey guys,
I’ve been struggling all day to get the XMR service to work.

Initial Situation:

  • Xibo CMS as Docker Container using external database (mysql)
  • XMR adress is set tcp://mydomain.net:9505
  • 9505 port is mapped

If I for example try to request a screenshot, nothing happens. The following error appears in log:

Player action refused by XMR (connected but XMR returned false).

I already tried the steps provided here: XMR problems with XMR using Docker with remote database - #11 by alex but that did not help.

Are there any more ideas how i could fix this? Did i forget something? Or is there maybe a log file of the XMR service from which I can get more information?

many thanks for your help! <3

The error means that the CMS can’t connect to the XMR server.

If you already checked the setting for it (XMR problems with XMR using Docker with remote database - #11 by alex) then either the XMR container isn’t running, isn’t listening on the port you think it is, or the cms and xmr containers aren’t on the same docker network.

You need to troubleshoot why one can’t talk to the other.

Hey @alex ,
thanks for your reply! Iam not shure if the XMR container is running… according to the documentation (as i understood) it is included in the xibosignage/xibo-cms container… or do I have to install it separately? Is there a way to test if the container is running or not?

It’s a separate container which is included in the docker-compose files we provide.

I think i fixed the communication problem but now there is a new one: the client cant handle the xmr message. It says:

Unopenable Message: block incorrect

You need to edit the display in the CMS and tick the “Reconfigure XMR” box and save. Wait one collection, and then it should work.

thank you very much! everything is working now :grinning:

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