Xibo XMR Alpha production question

Hi Guys,

I’m evaluating Xibo for use in a production environment and I was wondering about the xibo xmr part - I see it’s in alpha, but it’s been in alpha for ages it seems to me.

Is anybody using this in a production environment? How far away from a beta/production ready release is it?


XMR and 1.8 in general isn’t ready for production use yet - although it is becoming more stable as we progress with development and fixes.

We hope that the beta will be stable enough to run in production - although not “officially recommended”.

XMR itself is rock solid :smile: - it is only really a message broker and doesn’t do any heavy lifting. The work we have left to do there relates more to how the xmr.phar file is run on each environment

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the reply. Is there any time frame on the beta release?

We are aiming for around July/August - but this is subject to change in both directions (unlikely to be pushed further into the future).

Brilliant - thanks for the info

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