Xibo Wont Display Video

Hi all,
I have made a power point into a video and this works fine on windows media player etc. and there is no problem with the video. I am able to upload the video as well. I have placed it into the layout and have set this up with a clock as well both non conflicting, as far as i am aware, as they have enough space in-between then and don’t overlap etc. But when I click preview the video is just a black screen! It says the video has loaded up but doesnt physically show anything.


What CMS and player versions are you using?
is video in .mp4 format?
Basically Xibo should be able to play every video that Windows Media player can, if it’s working there then that would mean you have the right codecs and that it should be fine on Xibo for Windows client and CMS preview.

Are you 100% sure that the layout is valid?
Could you
a) Show us a screenshot from your layout designer with this layout open
b) Export your layout
c) Schedule this layout on your device and show us a screenshot of status window
d) all of the above

erm using xampp for CMS, the video is in .wmv format. There is nothing saying the layout is not valid unfortunately because i am a new user i am unable to show images… but there is a tick where it says status for layout.

When you are at log in screen of your CMS, a bit under it, there should be Version number, or when you are logged in there is ‘About’ button in the bottom left corner which will also tell you which CMS version you have, it’s kind of important to know that.

As for ‘rank’ on this forums, please read few topics etc. you will gain rank and will be able to post images.

A WMV video won’t work in the Preview. Only video formats your browser can display will be shown. For most browsers, that limits you to MP4 or WebM.

The preview will just show a black region where the video should be. You can click on it to skip to the next media item if there’s something that follows it.

The video should however play OK on your Player assuming it’s in a format that is able to play.

Hi Guys,
Sorry for the late reply. It is good to know that it will play on a screen just a bit annoying that I can’t confirm it from my test screen.

If you can persuade Chrome or Firefox etc to play back WMV videos then it will!

Alternatively, use a “standards compliant” video format and then it will preview correctly.