Xibo with one client on two TVs stretch only on one screen when we open both

My Xibo setup run perfectly on two screens. I have one Xibo client that stretch on two screens. But at night, my client close the TVs and when we open them up, the Xibo client remain only on the first TV. We need to close the Xibo Client and restart it everyday (The PC is always running). Does it have a way to stretch it automatically on two screens when they open? Someone have the same problem? The PC run on Windows 10.

Thank you!

I forget to mention that the two TV’s are in HDMI. When we close it it reacts like we totally disconnect a monitor from the video card.

Hi Patrick,
this is pretty common issue in every signage platform, if the display is turned off, the players in most cases does lose it’s desktop setup and requires a reboot in order to be able to recover it.

There are 2 things you can do,

  1. Set an automatic reboot from the windows by using “Task scheduler” to reboot the PC right after the time when the display is turned on

  2. Create a routine that will turn the screens off automatically as scheduled and turn them on as scheduled (this is what i use)

This second option is however not good if you are using splitters or extenders, it is good only when the player is connected directly to the screen.
The idea behind this is, when the scheduled application cuts off the signal (turn off) from the screen, the screen will wait for 15-30 seconds by showing a message “No signal” depending on the screen manufacturer and it will after that go to standby. And when the signal is turned on, the screens are back from the standby. the turn on and turn off is set by following the opening hours of the spot and i always do the reboot also right after turning on the screens.

I hope this helps you.

You can fix the size of the Xibo Player application by setting it in the Display Settings profile.

That means that even if the Windows Desktop resizes, the Player will remain at that fixed size and position.