Xibo windows get a wrong position after the screen is turn off and on again


I have a PC with 2 screens.
The first one is in the back-office and is used for maintenance. The second one is in an other room.
Xibo Windows player is running on the second one with top left coordinate at (-1920 , 0).

Every thing work well except if I turn off the second screen. If I do this, the xibo windows appear on the first screen which has the coordinate (0 , 0). Now if I turn on the second screen, the Xibo windows does not take the (-1920 , 0) as I expect but stay at position (0 , 0).

Do you have an Idee how to solve this Problem. Is there a way to ask Xibo player checking his position from time to time ?

Hi Rebetezm

I have the same problem, any idea to solve it?

Best Regards

Hi guys,
this is purely depending on graphic card and hardware.
do you use identical monitors?
what is the resolution of those screens is the resolution identical?

Please keep in mind,
if you set a resolution which is let’s say 1920x1080, your screens needs to support it natively.

If you are using different size and brand screens, you will most likely have problems that are caused by the cabling as well.

My advice will be to use identical screens with identical resolution.

I have been facing these kind of problems very much with various digital signage applications.