Xibo Windows Client not updatind w. CMS Ubuntu 18.04.03 LTS


I have Xibo CMS 2.1.0 running on Ubuntu 18.04.3. I am connecting 4 Windows 10-based clients to it that are running the 2.0.0 Player. There are two display groups each running separate layouts on a schedule.

In the one layout we use datasets to pull and display bookings that should appear in various regions on the screen. These were working fine until yesterday.

The clients are set to poll the CMS every 5 minutes and they are all on the same subnet and connected via Ethernet so bandwidth is not an issue.

We began noticing that the clients were not updating and displaying the correct layout. We thought that it was a “Windows 10 issue” and checked that the Windows Defender Firewall was not misbehaving and disabled it completely. The displays were displaying green across the board on the CMS.

We also noticed that the CMS server (a virtual machine on a VMWare host) was not updating its time correctly and we fixed that so it pulls its system time from the local NTP server, and check the hardware clock daily to see if it is synced.

We also checked to see if the Ubuntu server was up to date and that docker CE was also up to date. We are having continuing issues (logged elsewhere on this forum as an unresolved issue) with the CMS website login page not appearing after a server reboot, forcing a lagin as root, “cd /opt/xibo”, “docker-compose down” and a “docker-compose up -d” to get the login page to appear and be able to login to the CMS web page.

Yesterday only the Xibo “splash page” appeared and the layouts never appeared on any of the clients. We opted to uninstall the client completely and reinstall, but not before un-authorising the clients in the CMS. We reinstalled the client, re-authorised the clients on the CMS and the layout started displaying again, but were not updating.

So I don’t really know what to do next. I do not know if the clients are a problem and Windows 10 is the problem or there is something wrong with the CMS or the way clients pulls the datasets from the server. I am reluctant to rebuild the CMS or to downgrade it to an older version of 2.x, or if the datasets are the issue?

Any advise or suggestions would be helpful. The clients display exam schedules for the students and we are in the middle of final exams.

I would upgrade to 2.1.1. There’s an issue in 2.1.0 with remote datasets not updating correctly and it is fixed in that version.

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