Xibo will not show mp4 video region and webpage region at the same time

Currently using the 14 day trial
Xibo preview or android player will not show mp4 video region and webpage region at the same time.
I have to remove one or the other. The webpage region is from my website slideshow.
The video region are uploaded mp4’s.

What I’m trying to do is show a video on the player along with my webpage slideshow.

Thank you

Could you please confirm your set up : what’s the CMS version? what type of Player you’re using (windows/linux/else) and what version the Player is running?

Also it would be great if you could share webpage URL and if you are using a Cloud CMS trial the name of the instance. As this is a public page you can PM me this information if you prefer. Thank you

Ok I now run xibo-cms-1.8.13 hosted on our website. I running 2 android media players on 50in flat panels.
I like the idea of running the slideshow from our slideshow webpage, because I can change images there.
But its using up all the resources, so I cant do that. Unless you have a solution.
I now also tried setting up 2 regions playing a different video at the same time. And it will show 1 region video not the other. I made some animated slides on PowerPoint and converted to videos, and was hoping to use in different regions same time.

Thank you for the further information. The number of videos that you can play simultaneously depends on the device you are using as opposed to the Xibo Player. If you are unable to play 2 videos at once, you may need to use an alternative hardware device that is capable of doing this.

Many Thanks.