Xibo White Label Issue

Hi, I’m Purchased Xibo White Label and i’ve issue here ,
Logo and clock isnt show at the same time when the logo is appear then lost in few second?
How can i fix the issue?

Hi Shans, same issue as mine, i put the transparent logo above video layer.

It was fine on Android Xibo Client, but it was failed on Windows Xibo Client. On Windows client only show the video. i’ve arrange the z-index for the items in the Layout menu. Video (Layer=0), Logo (Layer=1).

Please fix this issue.


Windows player does not and will not support overlapping regions / true transparency, as stated many times on this very community page.

It’s possible to have .jpg image set as layout background and then regions will be visible over that image, but regions themselves can’t overlap on this player.

@Shansekerta_Arks If your issue is related to something else, please send me a private message with your exported layout and I’ll take a look.