XIBO WebOS Showing error message couldnot connect to the CMS


I was using 100+LG SM5KD AND SM5KE webos display for the past 3 years .it was working fine from yesterday onwards i was trying to connect the displays it is showing “Could not connect to the CMS”
I am using Xibo Cloud CMS instances with LGSM5KD series displays .i updated the firm wire vesions in to latest still problem not solved .this happens all of sudden from oct 1st 2021.
Pls help me

Hi anson,
Please can you try restarting your displays today as they should now be working again. If not, if the problem you are experiencing is with a cloud CMS hosted by us, please open a ticket with the Support Team here: Xibo Signage Help Desk

Kind Regards,


Ok i will open a ticket.

The problem solved .Thanks for xibo team support.

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