Xibo V3 CMS : 1.5GB MP4 file upload failed

Hi There!

I have to upload 1.5GB mp4 movie to Xibo CMS.
But I can’t it.
I tried to upload the movie for docker for Linux CMS and cloud Version, and V2 latest docker version too.

Igot following error.

Ver.2_x264.mp4 0.00KB

Failed to write file to disk.

I found the reason.
My video was exported by Microsoft Power Point it seems like no compressed MP4 video.
I cut out only the beginning of the video that size is only 46MB.
I uploaded it into CMS.
Then I got disk full error it tells limit 1073741824 K.
It seems like bug of no compressed MP4 video size calculation.

Hi There!

I fond another file type file upload problem too.
It seems like failed to calculate those file size.

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