Xibo updated to 1.8.1 -


I am experiencing difficulties after software update to 1.8.1.

It keeps running well for about 2 days and then will freeze.

Has anyone got similar experience.

Everything was working fine before the update.


Is it docker or manual installation please?

What’s ‘freezing’ the CMS or player?

Peter , would you be able to explain what is docker or manual installation? ( I am not that technical)

We have 2 screens freezing.

First screen: will freeze and will display time on black background with android bar at the bottom.

Second screen: will be frozen and messages which are supposed to be changed every 20 seconds are not displayed.

Xibo CMS can be installed in docker environment (that we recommend) or on various other webservers
as per the documentation here - http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/install_cms.html

Are you able to click on the ‘Status’ button on the top action bar or is it completely unresponsive?

What devices are you using please? (mark, model, Android version)

It is manual installation:

screen nr 1 still responsive. When I re start xibo, It will work fine for several days.

Screen nr 2: totally unresponsive, I had to hard reset the device.

Info about devices:
Screen nr 1: model M96X, version 6.0.1.
Screen nr 2 : I will try to find out later on.