Xibo Ubuntu client not showing up on Xibo Server

Hello! So i just installed the Xibo client 1.6.0 for Ubuntu and it isn’t showing up in my Xibo server. I’ve checked the site.cfg file and the ip and server key are correct, but it is still not showing on the server side, so I can’t license the display. The Xibo server is already successfully running 12 windows clients. This is the first Ubuntu client so far that my company has tried to run.

Version of the CMS is???

1.6.0 as well, would the interaction between an ubuntu client and a windows server be the problem?

Should not be a problem at all.

What happens if you browse to the Xibo Server location on the Ubuntu machine in a web browser?

I am able to access the server no problem, but the machine I’m browsing from still doesn’t show up

I am not familiar with 1.6… When you try to connect to the CMS does the status screen give you any information? Errors, thinks it connected to the CMS? Permissions on the local library folder set correctly?

I get the error message that says that the client is not licensed

You do not have the display named the same as anything else in the CMS, correct? Like a display group? Maybe try changing the clientID in the site.cfg file.

Also you are not trying to run it over SSH or remotely logged into the client, correct?