Xibo Ubuntu 18.04 & 19 . Linux Player with 4/8GB memory crash?

I install Ubuntu 18 and 19 .with Lenovo tiny m73/ m93.(total 10 units.)
all have the same problem. Gnome-Shell crash,
18.04 = crash and back to desktop with sound play at background.
19 = crash Black screen.
I found out the memory xibo-player use keeps increasing. after it hit max memory (4gb/8gb install)
than gnome will crash.(4gb is around 5 hours then crash)
the xibo-player was playing 10 1080 mp4 files .loop.
any ideas?

Hi Weixi_You. The development team are indeed aware of this behaviour, which is currently being investigated. Thank you for providing the details about this issue and apologies for any inconvenience.

Many Thanks.

This looks like a duplicate to another Linux ticket about the screen going dark overnight. I’m having the same problem.

Any updates on this issue?

Have you had the opportunity to try the edge version (rev 40) ? Xibo for Linux 1.8 R5 release candidate (rev 40)

For the benefit of everyone reading this – I’m using a different, duplicate ticket. Suggest we close this one up and everyone uses Screens go dark overnight

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