Xibo show waveforms

Hi to all,
I’ve installed a new xibo client 1.8.2 on windows 10 ltsb, and deployed a 5 videos in a fullscreeen region, without any other region.
It work initially, but after some hours, xibo play only the audio of the videos, with the waveforms generator that Media player use for audio files.
I’ve installed the k-lite codec pack, and all the 5 videos work without problems in Media Player.

Also I’m already using the same scene/region on other clients, and it’s working without problem.

Checking the info panel I can see a single log entry that say that an error occured on one video, after some hours I’ve started the client, and probably is from that moment that the problem occured.

Any help? Any way to debug?


I believe we’ve seen similar issues where codec packs such as K-Lite have been installed, and the actual codecs crash out, leaving Windows Media Player control with no way to decode the video.

What’s the exact line please?

You could also try to enable auditing on the display with display profile also with auditing log level.

Perhaps also see if it might be hardware related. Please run a full memory test (with memtes86) and perhaps something like prime95 on torture test mode for 24 hours or so and see if that brings up any problems.

If exactly the same videos are playing fine on other PCs, then I’d lean towards hardware issue, hopefully the tests above will tell us more.

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I’ve checked the pc, and I’ve found a strange error in the windows notification “Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware”, so I think that is something related to the driver or windows. It’s completely new to me this type of error… Probably is something new in windows 10.

I will check if I found some other informations, to understand what is happening, and try to run some test as you suggested.

Cheers Daniele

I don’t think I’ve seen this error in relation to Xibo before, but indeed it seems like it may occur, there are various solution on the internet when you search for the exact error, perhaps do have a look at those.

Looking in the error description it say that have blocked XiboClient.exe accessing the display card… But it doesn’t say why…