Xibo setup and installation

I want to set up a self hosted installation of Xibo player server/client based, server on Linux and client windows and display it on multiple screens
I 'm still confused of how it works, how can I achieve that
Thank you for your help.

Hello, welcome to the community!

Take a look out our section on CMS Installation: CMS Installation Guides | Xibo Digital Signage where you will find a number of Installation Guides, we recommend Docker which would make it easier for you to deploy a CMS and for us to try and assist you should you encounter any issues along the way. Docker can be installed on a 64 bit Linux based system by following this section in the installation guide Docker On Linux

You would then follow the Xibo for Windows installation steps, for each Windows display you wish to deploy.

Use both the Administration and User Manuals to guide you and we also have a number of online courses from our Xibo Training School.

I hope that is some help to get you started!

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