Xibo Screen goes black after a while

I am using version 1.8.2 (server) and the latest release as client (on Windows 10).
I have 10 web pages that I display on screens (one server and 3 clients). All is done through local network,no internet connection needed.
What I noticed is that, after some while, my screens become black. When I restart the client it starts working again and then become black after a while.
I pressed the I on a keyboard to see the log and this is what I have on two screen :

Thank you for your message.

It is hard to say for certain at this point what could be causing the Player to go black but I would first recommend using the 1.8.12-133 Xibo for Windows player instead of the latest version, as we would always recommend using the Player that matches the version of your CMS. Below is a link to the MSI file for the 1.8.12 player:


I would also recommend upgrading your CMS to 1.8.13 as well, there will have been many bug fixes since 1.8.2. Here is a link to the Blog page where you can download the required files for 1.8.13:

Are there any errors in the Logs section of your CMS for this Display? If so, please post them in your reply. You could also turn on Auditing for that Display in the Edit Display settings for this Display, which will give you far more detailed information about the Player.

Many Thanks.

Hello @DanBW, I have already installed this version the same result. After a period, screens goes black.

Thank you for the update. Have you checked the Logs option in your CMS for that Display to see if it is generating any errors that could explain the behaviour?

Many Thanks.