Xibo.scr open and close after several second, instead of XiboClient.exe working good

Hi Xibo team,

I have an issue with XIBO with pptx file,
Xibo screensaver open correctly and close after several seconds, instead of XiboClient.exe is working good.

Do you have an idea ?


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community!

Regarding powerpoint, here is a link to the setup Guide for Powerpoint. Please note that you will need to have Powerpoint installed on the Windows PC running your Player and have made the appropriate adjustments to your registry (option 3 in the guide). Alternatively you can export the presentation as a PDF or Video and use the appropriate widget to display it:


Can you provide more information about the screensaver issue you mentioned? Please explain how many Players are set up on your PC, what version and step by step what is happening. If you find the screensaver closes after a few seconds, have you tried disconnecting any peripheral devices such as a mouse to avoid the screensaver from being interrupted?

Many Thanks.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your answer and your link.
Convert PPT to video looks good and avoid a lot issue with powerpoint local installation.

I have still one with screensaver configuration, I have to investigate inside our GPO desktop configuration.

I have one question about XIBO client :
if Xibo client is only execute by screensaver, how and when computer receive xibo update, only when screensaver is displayed ?

Is this option avoid screensaver execution : “Prevent sleep ?”
What about with a computer which run only screensaver ?

Thank you.

Thank you for your message, glad to hear exporting your PPT as a video has provided a solution.

When you set up the Xibo for Windows Player as a screensaver, it will indeed only receive those updates to its schedule when the Player is showing on screen as a screensaver.

The Prevent Sleep option in your Display profile does indeed stop the Windows machine from going to Sleep when you are using the Player. If you intend to use Xibo as a screensaver, I would recommend not setting that option so that your PC can start the screensaver without issue.

Many Thanks.

I would to share with you this video I created.
you can see 4 computers with same configuration, Xibo activated on screensaver.
They have to show a video file of several pages, you can see screensaver stoped/crashed after just 1-2 page depending screen.
Do you have an idea ? Thanks

Finaly I found a way to fix this issue.
My problem was on GPO :
I have to add Computer / Administrative templates / System / Power management /
select an active power plan : High perfomance

With this seeting all screensaver works correctly now.

Great news, glad you found the cause of your issue!

All the best with your Xibo setup, hopefully no more delays or issues.

Many Thanks.