Xibo reset to default after server reboot



I have been on the site for a few times and I saw a topic similar to mine where the server defaults after it reboots and you only have have to reconnect the database using the following commands in powershell;
cd c:\Xibo
docker-compose stop
docker-compose start
I tried the following commands and it completely properly in powershell, but after I login to the admin page I have to use the default admin password and all my displays and content is missing. Am I doing something wrong?
Also I am using Windows 10 64bit on the server, Xibo version 1.8.2 and docker community edition 17.09.0-ce-win33. I appreciate any help.



Please PM me TeamViewer details and I will take a look for you.


Hi How do I PM you the details, sorry do not see an option.


Click on my name, and then “Message”


Any update? The similar situation and the same happened to me.


It is the expected behaviour due to a Docker issue on Windows, and is documented as such in the manual.

Following the steps outlined there after a reboot should resolve the problem for you.


I followed the steps there, and my server has been running for months and through multiple reboots without issue. It suddenly reset to default. Is there anything I can do at this point or restart from scratch?


If you look in the install directory, in shared/backup/db what is the timestamp of the latest.sql.gz file?

It’s also worth unsharing and resharing the drive in the Docker settings, as something like changing an administrator password can lock Docker out of those files. Once you’ve unshared and re-shared (and been prompted for a password), stop and start the containers again.