Xibo regions do not update

I am using Xibo in an office domain and whenever I change a display’s standard template this works great.
But the regions in this layout do not update, never. For example I have the weather forecast and the twitter module in this layout and these keep having the same info for days.

Is there something I need to look out for? Maybe static IP in stead of dynamic or else?
Anyone else has this problem?

Does the layout ever refresh? Once all items on a layout come to an end (duration expired) the layout should refresh and at that point new content is downloaded.

There was a problem with this on forecast and twitter specifically, which should be resolved in 1.7.2 CMS/Windows and Xibo for Android 1.7 R53.

Yes, whenever I add a new region to this template this is updated as it should.
I have set the log to audit and I noticed that twitter “restarts” after a couple of time but nothing is refreshing.

I will install 1.7.2 and find out if this works.

If you’re running 1.7.0 or 1.7.1 then it’s almost certainly the issue fixed in 1.7.2.

You should upgrade and then optionally clear your clients local library to ensure you get fresh content from the CMS.