Xibo Redirecting to Webpage When in Design Mode

Hello All,

Working on my first Xibo rollout. I have a webpage that I need to display in my layout that is hosted on a local server. It is for a manufacturing monitoring solution and displays a summary of machine uptime, downtime and efficiency. The URL lists the ip address of the server, then has parameters to pass a username, password, and specific dashboard within the program itself to display. Entering the url into the link field for a webpage in my layout and then trying to preview the layout makes the whole browser redirect from the CMS to the link I entered.

Here I have entered the link to the page on my local server:>Freedom_Test_Slideshow

If I turn off pop-ups and redirects in the browser I am designing this in (tried chrome and FF) it stays on the design view but shows this:

Redirect Attempt

However, If I enable pop-ups and redirects, even just clicking on the “Design” option from the Layouts screen in the CMS will open up the layout but then automatically redirect the entire page (CMS) to the link I have entered for the webpage in that layout.

I am hoping that someone will be able to help me understand what is causing this. I have no issue browsing to this URL manually in any browser.


I have found that in the settings for the webpage module one can disable preview, which has stopped the automatic redirect from the CMS to the link I am using when trying to design the layout I am working on. However, I still have the larger issue of my web page not displaying on the android players we are using, as well as still getting redirected to this URL when trying to use the preview feature in the layout section of the CMS. For troubleshooting purposes I have changed this layout to show two webpages and added http://google.com as the second, which shows up just fine on the players. The region where my designed webpage should be showing though only displays the solid background color I have selected for that region.