Xibo Reboot : Very Long Maintenance Every Time

I have checked the XMR settings in the database and they show correct values. I have attempted to truncate the stat table in order to see if that may be causing an issue, but none of this helps.

I am running a Docker Swarm environment on CentOS 7, the web container is running as a service, which is constrained to the manager role. Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me. Below is a snippet of the docker logs

xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | Waiting for MySQL to start - max 300 seconds
xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | MySQL started
xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | DBVersion
xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | 140
xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | Existing Database, checking if we need to upgrade it
xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | Updating settings.php
xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | Configuring Maintenance
xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | Removing web/install/index.php from production container
xibo_web.1.6axc4tgz14e9@ | Running maintenance

Chalk it up to being a doofas by not spell checking.