Xibo Player: video starts again and again

Hello. I use xibo CMS 1.7.6 and several clients 1.7.6 for windows. I created layout, where just several videos mp4 looped play. All clients this layout well displayed, except one. Problem one client - is a attempt to play only first video. Video begins, then breaks off at different positions, then begins again. And so endlessly. I have checked: all video and other files downloaded to client. I not find any errors in logs. CPU usage no more 50%. I do not understand why problem. Can somehow enable more detailed logs, to understand problem? Any advice I will be grateful.

Report fault page -> enable debugging
Displays page -> edit this display -> advanced tab -> enable auditing

That should generate logs for your display.

Is this specific display different in some ways from your other displays?

Thank you! I enable options, as you wrote. Additions logs is displayed, but nothing suspicious. No errors.

Yes, this is similar display and computer, as other. I tried find differences in OS and xibo-player settings, but no found. ps: Maybe later reinstall OS.