Xibo Player v3+ Freezing - Partial Solution/Work Around

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We have been working to resolve an issue with our players freezing on an image for 5+ minutes at times. It will always continue but after some unspecified period of time.
We were scheduling 4 layouts. 2 Layouts were simple image-only layouts. 2 layouts were videos, (about 2 minute and 3 minutes each respectively).
We tried disabled windows defender, this helped some with the cpu usage/memory but still would freeze. We removed the video layouts completely and freezing stopped, so we were thinking its video related. At the time of the ‘freeze’ the computer resources would start flying up, but all other times it was a level amount of memory usage. This made us think it was stuck while loading the videos for the upcoming layouts.
Solution: Instead of having 4 individual layouts we moved all the content into a single layout, this instantly solved all freezing issues as the video layouts didn’t have to be reloaded/rebuffered every single cycle.

Obviously this comes with some drawbacks because we had a different layout design for each of the 4 layouts and when they are all sharing the same layout its not possible to achieve the exact same look for the various content.

Hopefully this helps someone, I know there are quite a few threads on here with similar issues.

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