Xibo-Player ubuntu desktop 18.04

xibo player wont start on boot on ubuntu desktop 18.04, any one have te same problem?
run command xibo-player on startup aplications only have a black screen, if a run the app manualy works great.

anyone help me?

Thanks for your message and welcome to the Community!

I am also running the Xibo for Linux Player on Ubuntu 18.04, I also have my Player setup in startup applications. So far I have not had any issues with the Player starting up, although I did note that there was a short period of Black screen initially. I would recommend making sure that Ubuntu is up to date to see if this helps resolve the issue.

Many Thanks.

My first startup after installation (on Ubuntu 18.04) took 10+ minutes before the black screen was replaced with the default template.

I spent considerable time (read:hours) troubleshooting/re-installing everything; I had basically given up was on the phone describing the issue to a colleague when it just popped up.

Since then, there is a brief, and variable, ‘black-screen’ delay between player app startup and first display.


Thank you for the update on this. There may be an explanation for this black screen being longer on first startup compared to preceding ones.

When I first set up my Linux Player, I also had already set a Default Layout. When the Player is first installed and started, it will not yet have all of the Profile settings, as well as the required files for the Default Layout. It’s possible that when the Player first started it therefore had to connect to your CMS, then download the files for that Layout along with the profile settings. Once all files downloaded, it will then begin to display.

It’s hard to confirm if this was the case with your Player as well but if you should set up a new Linux Player, I would recommend monitoring the Player in the Displays option in your CMS to see if the Display has a Tick, Cross or Cloud in the Status column. A Cloud would suggest the Player has yet to collect the new files it needs, Cross meaning it is currently downloading them. This could explain the delay. I would recommend waiting to see a Tick to confirm that all of the required files are now downloaded.

If you find the delay is still quite long but all required files have been downloaded, please let me know. if the black screen is brief this is expected while the operating system and Player first load.

Many Thanks.

This is quite likely the case. That would explain the relatively quick startup on subsequent startups.



the problem presists, after many reboots.

when i run manualy it works with errors:

[10:29:40.963] [003020] [debug]: ScreenSaver is suspended: 492347778
[10:29:40.965] [003020] [debug]:
[10:29:43.713] [003078] [error]: [WebServer] Write Error: Broken pipe
[10:29:43.725] [003078] [error]: [WebServer] Read Error: Connection reset by peer
[10:29:43.725] [003079] [error]: [WebServer] Read Error: Connection reset by peer
[10:29:43.725] [003078] [error]: [WebServer] Read Error: Connection reset by peer
[10:29:43.725] [003079] [error]: [WebServer] Read Error: Connection reset by peer
[10:29:43.726] [003078] [error]: [WebServer] Read Error: Connection reset by peer
** Message: 10:29:44.259: console message: @20: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: jQuery

** Message: 10:29:44.260: console message: @48: ReferenceError: Can’t find variable: $

anyone the same problem?

Sorry to hear the issue persists on your Xibo for Linux Player joaodias.

Can you try starting your Ubuntu machine and when the black screen appears, waiting for a short period of time, ideally no longer than 10 minutes to see if there is a change? Please let me know the results of doing this.

I would also recommend uninstalling the Player, updating your Ubuntu operating system, then reinstalling the Player to see if this resolves the issue.

Many Thanks.

tks for response, DanBW
ubuntu desktop 18.04 updated and upgraded, ok
uninstalling the Player a install, ok

Player goes black on startupaplications after several reboots
The player has only one zone with one playlist (videos, weather and hours)

Tanks for help…

Thank you for your reply. How long are you leaving the Player for after you start Ubuntu? Have you left it for 5-10 minutes to see if there is a change?

Can you also confirm how you have set up the Player as a startup application? If you can also provide screenshots, this would also help.

Many Thanks.

Further to my previous message, can you try scheduling a simpler Layout, for example just a text widget or an image to confirm if there is a difference in the performance?

Many Thanks.

the same thing is happening to me, I have a simple design with images and videos.

xibo-player starts together with the OS after restarting, the design is reproduced for several hours without problems (approximately 5, 6 hours), but at certain time it stops playing and the screen is black, I have 3 players with centos 7 , 1.8 R4.

the black screen does not disappear until you close the xibo-player and open it again.
I open it again and it plays smoothly, until I repeat the fault again (black screen).
doing tests remove the videos from my design and leave only images, if I leave only images there is no problem and it reproduces OK (there is no black screen).

the videos and images are the same that I have been testing with versions R2, R3 and R4.
my version of cms is 2.1.2 installed in centos 7, the players are installed in centos 7 (both S.O were updated and reinstalled).
Any ideas that can be.

Thank you
greetings Willans
translated by google translator

I get that after the screen goes black.
If anyone can help me.
again thank you very much.

written by google translator

Thank you for your screenshot 43448499. Can you confirm which version of the Player was returning those errors? The error in your logs has previously been reported to the development team, if you can confirm which version this is occurring on I can update the notes.

Many Thanks.

good morning.
The version I am using is the latest 1.8 R4.
the players have installed, codecs and update GStreamer packages (thinking that it could be problems when playing the videos).
since yesterday I have 3 test players, 2 with only images and they are playing without errors and the rest with only videos and showed again the error attached in the image.
I will try to update to the most recent version of cms (2.2.0), I am currently with version 2.1.2.
thanks again.

written by google translator.

Thanks for the update on this, I will inform the development team that these errors have been seen on 1.8 R4. I understand if it’s not an option but are you able to provide a copy of the Layout with the videos and images included so I can test this on my own player?

Many Thanks.

Hi again 43448499!

I also wondered if you could try running the R4 Player on an Ubuntu install, ideally 18.04 up to date? I would be very interested to know if you still have these errors using Ubuntu.

Many Thanks.

This message is an update regarding the errors occurring on 43448499’s CentOS 7 installation running R4. The issue has indeed now been replicated and reported to the Development team for further investigation. Thank you for the helpful information and other support you provided in reporting this issue, a fix will be created in a future revision of the Player.

Many Thanks.

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